Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sample Essay on Homeopathy

Do you believe in the healing power of plants and minerals? Is it possible to cure a disease with the help of homeopathy? Homeopathy is the practice of using plants and minerals for the treatment of human illnesses. This kind of alternative medicine is very controversial, because many supporters of the regular medicine criticize homeopathy for its irregular approach towards treatment. On the other hand, millions of people devote their health towards homeopaths. Very often, they manage to cure complicated diseases, which cannot be cured by the means of the regular medicine. I will observe the problem of homeopathy in detail in order to understand its usefulness for the human health.

Homeopathy is the most ancient kind of medicine. Thousands of years ago, people cured their illnesses with the help of plants and minerals. This practice was popular several hundred years ago. 

Moreover, this approach exists in many countries even today. People have known about the healing power of various plants for thousands of years. Nearly everyone knew about the qualities of the definite herbs, vegetables and fruit and their impact on the human health. They noticed that some herbs, roots and leaves helped with the treatment of cold; others helped one improve his eyesight.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Essay: Are Public Service Announcements Effective?

What types of public service announcements do you know? What do you think about the usefulness of these announcements? How would you improve them? A public service announcement is a special type of a message, which is aimed at the solution of the definite social problem. Public service announcements are supposed to solve the relevant problems, which bother our society. We can see these messages on TV, in the Internet, newspapers, on the billboards and hear them listening to the radio. Many people question the objective effectiveness of public service announcements, because they do not notice the solution of the existing social problems. I will analyze this topic attentively in order to understand whether these social messages are useful.

To begin with, I would like to pay attention to the history of public service announcements. The first form of the announcements of this kind appeared during World War 1 when people were encouraged to join the army. Uncle Sam was watching at you from every poster saying: “I want you for US army”.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Essay about Being Respectful

Do you always respect other people when they try to help you? How do you understand the meaning of the term ‘respectful’? Do you try to respect your close people? In my opinion, respect is one of the noblest feelings. Respect is a very important element of friendship, devotion and love. It does not worth mentioning that very few people deserve your respect. It is very difficult to express this feeling sincerely. I would like to write about my own understanding of respect, because this issue is very relevant and thought provoking.

The state of being respectful means that you trust another person and you are always ready to help her. Her point of view is important to you and you try to pay attention to her remarks and decisions. 

You are ready to learn something new from this person, because you believe that she is wise, mature and logical. Overall, you try to follow her, because you understand that in some ways she is better than you are.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Field Trip Essay Sample

Do you like field trips? Would you spend a night in a tent? How would you behave if you were attacked by a wild beast? Doubtless, field trip is a specific and original way of spending free time. 

Everyone enjoys field trips, because this way of entertainment helps one learn about the peculiarities of the natural environment. Moreover, it is a good chance to spend time with friends and learn how to survive in the wild. I was lucky to spend a week with my classmates in the wild. Our teacher organized a short trip in order to help us work in a team. Furthermore, he wanted to help us develop our leadership skills. I would like to say a few words about our field trip, which united our class and demonstrated our hidden potential.

Our teacher Mr. White decided to organize a trip to the mountains. Our town is situated near numerous picturesque sights; therefore, everyone understood that this short trip would be successful. 

We had to prepare for the trip in advance. I decided to purchase the most important things, which would help me spend my time in the wild with pleasure. To begin with, I bought a tent. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Preparedness Theory Essay

Why are you afraid of snakes? Do you know how to cope with your phobias? How do you understand the concept of preparedness? Preparedness is a concept, which explains why some associations are learnt more rapidly than others. In simple words, preparedness theory explains why you avoid consuming poor quality food and why you are afraid of spiders and rats. Preparedness theory is a very interesting issue for analysis, because it touches upon numerous aspects of psychology and human behavior. I want to write about the most essential elements of preparedness theory of phobias in order to emphasize its usefulness and importance for self-understanding.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Essay

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is a short story written by a Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This story belongs to the genre of magic realism, which is characterized with the fantastic issues depicted in the most realistic way. When you read the text of this genre, you forget that it is fiction. You believe that you read a common realistic novel with its common problems and characters. The author managed to create a simple short story, which impressed millions of people. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings has been translated into many languages and it is studied at every reputable educational institution.

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings has a simple composition and plot development. One day an old sick man with wings was found on the shore near a small village. Of course, people were astonished and interested in this creature. Someone said that it was an angel, because it did not understand human language. Moreover, a sick boy was cured just because of the presence of this creature with wings. At first people paid attention to this old man with enormous wings who lived in a chicken coop of Pelayo and Elisenda. This couple decided to earn money with the help of this angel. They locked it in their chicken coop and showed him for money. One day Father Gonzaga, a local priest, came to test where the old man was an angel. He spoke in Latin to him but received the answer in an unknown language. Very soon, people lost their interest in the angel, because the village had a new freak. The couple earned much money with the help of the old man and then his health began to decline. Everyone thought that he was going to die but suddenly he became better and flew away.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Political Socialization Essay

When did you understand the actual meaning of politics? Who explained this term to you? Where did you gain your knowledge about political parties? Obviously, we do not think about such questions, because we think that we have always known about the organization of the government, duties and functions of our President. Of course, it is not right. We have spent much time to form our knowledge about various political issues. There are many factors, which have helped us develop and improve this knowledge. I will write about the most important of them.

Political socialization is a complex process. It is very difficult to form your own opinion about politics; therefore, your point of view is influenced by the range of factors. Family is the primary factor, which influences our political ideas. Every child copies and follows his parents’ behavior and shares their values. When your father enjoys football, you enjoy it too, because your father possesses the highest authority. When your father says that he is a Democrat or a Republican, you support one of these parties too, though you do not understand the slightest difference between them. When your uncle says that his business suffers from enormous taxation, you believe him. You begin hating taxation, though you do not know about it at all. With the run of time, you obtain knowledge about the definite politicians and their parties. You get to know about the laws dedicated to migration and healthcare funding. Of course, you receive this information from your family. Very often, every dinner turns into a political debate between the members of the family. They discuss domestic and foreign policy and you absorb this information too. Most often, the entire family shares common political values. They support the same party and vote for the same candidates. It is possible to say that political socialization begins in a family.